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Victor & Percy

The Adventures of Victor and Percy

The Adventures of Victor & PercyThe Adventures of Victor and Percy is an exciting new series of children’s books being published by Country & Town. As the title suggests the series will focus on the activities of the two main characters; Victor Voltage and Percy Pipe as they embark as apprentices in their chosen electrical and plumbing careers.

The books will typically contain 6000 words and 60 illustrations and will be available in two formats; paperback and electronic download.


VideoThe first book “Percy Pulls the Plug”, launched in April 2010 at Waterstone's Bookstore Altrincham, sees Percy Pipe start work and get into trouble on his first job by flooding a bathroom. The illustrations shown on this page have been taken from Percy Pulls the Plug. There are plans to produce up to ten books with a new book being published every 9 months over then next 7 years.

Confusing pipesThe first two chapters are available for free download from

Or from MyEbook.

Country & Town is keen to collaborate on this project with both commercial and educational organisations. Please contact Chris on if you would like to discuss sponsorship and development opportunities.

Percy Pulls the Plug is available for purchase at £5.99 (excluding P&P) for the paperback and at £2.99 for the electronic download.

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