Toilet Repairs and Maintenance

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Blocked toilet – Toilet will not flush

A blocked toilet or a broken toilet is a problem that you will want to deal with straight away. Country and Town Maintenance, CTM, operate a 24 / 7 call out service to deal with this type of problem and others including a toilet that will not flush or a toilet that leaks. We carry a range of spare parts and plumbing tools that enable us to unblock the toilet or replace a faulty part on your toilet on the first visit.

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Replacing faulty diaphragm on toilet inlet Opening the water inlet

Replacing faulty diaphragm on toilet inlet

Opening the water inlet

Swapping the diaphragm Assembling the inlet valve

Swapping the diaphragm

Assembling the inlet valve

Toilet overflowing

A common problem with toilets is water running through the overflow pipe or through the internal siphon / float valve and into the toilet pan. This is a sign that the water inlet valve is faulty and needs to be replaced or repaired. Many toilets use parts that are easily available and interchangeable so that repairs can be arranged quickly. Parts for some designer toilets, particularly those from Italy, are a little more difficult to obtain, but we have on a number of occasions imported them for clients direct from the manufacturer.

Toilet removed from frame suppor Replacing rubber seals

Toilet removed from frame support

Replacing rubber seals


Removing old cistern Installing new close coupled toilet

Removing old cistern

Installing new close coupled toilet

Toilet leaking

Toilet leaks can occur from a number of points such as a loose connection on the supply pipe, a worn pan connector, or in the case of a close coupled toilet a poorly fitted doughnut ring. Again we carry a range of spare parts for toilets and can often resolve problems quickly.

Removing flush plate to insert new flush valve Flush valves

Removing flush plate to insert new flush valve

Flush valves

Parts of a toilet

To help you explain the problem you are experiencing, we have listed the main parts of a toilet below

Ballcock or Portsmouth Valve: The water inlet valve that fills the cistern from the pipe connected to the water supply. The valve closes when a float connected to an arm is lifted by the water.

Float: The ball that sits on the surface of the water in the tank. When the tank is full, the float rises and shuts off the valve inside the ballcock.

Torbeck valve: A plastic equilibrium float valve, a popular replacement for the ballcock

Flush valve: A recent development that replaces the siphon in the toilet, often quieter and more compact. Popular in new developments as they can be operated by a pneumatic push button rather than a flush handle

Flush valve seat: Brass, plastic or rubber ring located at the bottom of the tank that seals the flush valve when not open to allow water to pass

Siphon: The traditional component of a toilet cistern operated by turning the flush handle

Lift arm: The metal rod inside the cistern that connects the lever on the handle to a hook connected to the rod in the siphon
Pan connector: Fitting that connects the toilet to the waste pipe, could incorporate a flexible connector

Waste pipe: The large 110mm pipe that connects the toilet pan to the soil stack

Soil stack:  Vertical pipe connecting the waste pipe to the sewer

Vent: Opening at the top of the pipe

Supply pipe: Pipe usually 15mm and made of copper but could be plastic supplies cold water to the cistern to flush the toilet

Service valve: A ball valve that can be closed with a flat screwdriver, located on the supply pipe to enable the water to be turned off locally for maintenance or in case of a fault

Overflow pipe: Pipe located at the top of the cistern, there to remove water if the ballcock / water inlet valve fails to shut off the water after the tank is full

Cistern: Oblong ceramic or plastic container located behind the toilet bowl that holds the water needed to flush the toilet


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