Say Hello to René Renewable

René RenewableRené Renewable is a character from The Adventures of Victor and Percy. René Renewable informs children about renewable energy and about issues connected to nature and the environment. The character is used to deliver a structured early learning development programme for children that include numeracy, literacy and comprehension. All the learning topics are delivered with an environmental theme.

The learning materials featuring René Renewable are amongst the first aimed at pre-school children that combine a structured early development programme with an environmental and renewable energy theme.

René Renewable Worksheets

About René

She likes all kinds of animals but she really likes the small furry ones with big eyes, fluffy cheeks and stubby tails. She also likes colourful flowers and big trees that tower into the sky. She wants to do everything she can to protect them and give them the chance to grow. One of the ways she does this is to tell everyone about renewable energy and how using renewable energy will stop polluting the environment and hurting the plants and animals. René Renewable is always out walking in the countryside or camping in the woods. She loves the outdoors and anything to do with being out experiencing nature. She likes to go camping and has a brightly coloured tent covered in pink flowers.

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