Private Landlord Support

Priority Emergency Call Out Agreement

Charges and benefits

£250 plus VAT per annum paid in two instalments by direct debit or standing order

Priority cover for 24/7 emergency calls*

Fee includes the first emergency call of the year, any additional calls will be charged. Value up to £150 plus VAT, depending on time of call.

Fee includes two hours of labour for any scheduled maintenance work. Hours to be used in one visit. Value £100 plus VAT.

Fee includes management and admin charges


No rollover of unused calls at year end

Agreement is made on an apartment by apartment basis. No passing of callouts / service between different apartments

Excludes materials and VAT

* Country and Town does not guarantee that all 24/7 emergency calls will be answered. Exceptional circumstances may prevent us from answering your call

Planned Maintenance Programme

For an additional charge of £250 plus VAT we will set-up and manage a Planned Maintenance Programme for an apartment. This will include an annual inspection of the property against an agreed checklist covering the following areas:

Mechanical services

Water heating and storage

Water distribution



Electrical services

Visual inspection of consumer unit

Visual inspection of a sample of electrical points

Smoke / heat detectors

General maintenance

Identification of wear and tear / damage to doors, hinges, locks

Identification general deterioration

The check list will be used to identify areas of concern and to initiate preventative maintenance as required. This will ensure the apartment is kept in reasonable condition and will reduce the need for larger more costly jobs.

Benefits to Landlord

Proactive rather than reactive management of property

Ability to plan investment / expenditure and avoid many unexpected costs

Tenants satisfied with condition of property

Additional Benefits offered to Planned Maintenance Programme clients

10% discount on all Country & Town labour charges

Annual service of unvented water heater (as recommended by manufacturers) included in fee. Value £95 plus VAT, excludes replacement of damaged or worn parts and repairs.